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BRB Recycling Bins

It is estimated that fifty million drinks cans made of aluminium are used each week in this country. It is important that this resource is recycled; to this end E. Skinns Ltd manufacture bins complete with can crushers.

Helipads for Hospitals has adopted them for their collection points.

The steel bins are precision made, powder coated for a durable finish and of a pleasing design. They can be locked with a padlock (not supplied) and are normally painted in red. Inside there are hooks onto which a builder’s type bag may be hung.

The smooth external surfaces of these bins allow sponsors details to be affixed.

The bins retail at £540 each plus VAT ex-works. In some parts of the country grants may be available to encourage their use.


We work closely with this registered charity and an associated not-for-profit company. They recycle then smelt aluminium cans (UBCs) and use the resultant aluminium to fabricate and build helipads for all NHS hospitals. The helipads have a 24hour lighting system and a ramp giving direct trolley access into hospitals.

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