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Design/CAD Services

In many businesses ideas abound but relatively few get beyond the back-of-the-envelope stage.
Why is this?

Where new machines or equipment are envisaged it entails preliminary detailed design work followed by Computer Aided Design (CAD) studies, and finally the building of a prototype or prototypes for testing. The expertise to undertake this type of work from beginning to end is not readily available.

Work of this nature is in the DNA of the Skinns business.

This has been widely recognised. E. Skinns Ltd were outright winners of the Lincolnshire Media Creativity Award in 2012 ‘for outstanding success and achievement’.

Our design and build expertise has been recognised by the Royal Agricultural Society of England, also, with Silver Medal Machinery Awards, and by the LAMMA Certificate of Merit 2009 for the best new product.

The Skinns business makes no charge for the initial consultation from a company or individual. Estimates are prepared for each of the following stages before work proceeds.

In many cases consideration will need to be given to the protection of intellectual property rights, and meeting EC criteria, and here we can provide guidance.

Over the years we have helped many businesses and individuals get ideas into production. Perhaps we can help you?


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